Thursday, November 30, 2006


Carburettor, Oil Cooler....and other parts...

More Pics

Here's a couple more pics.


First an introduction to the bike....

This is a 1988 R100GS PD. The G/S basically stands for G, Gelände ("offroad" in German motorcycle vocabulary) and S for Strasse ("street" in German). PD represents Paris Dakar, the famous race across the desert. Some say it the toughest motor race on earth.

This is probably the few or maybe the only remaining bike of the same kind in Singapore. The only other one i know of is a R80GS and i have not seen any others around. I bought this after riding an African Twin for the last 3 years. Have always wanted one of these 'oldies' because of the classic look and its rugged reputation. After spending the last few months getting it serviced and conditioned, the bike is good to go!

Changed the seals, bushings, bearings in the gear box, serviced the carburretors, valve clearance, modified the controls, side stand, handle bar risers. I still have a missing speedometer (have been using a digital one, but that has since 'died'), waiting for a used one i bought on ebay to arrive. This is good enough to go touring and i will be heading up north in a couple of weeks, more updates on that later.

In the long run the couple of other modifications i am looking at includes a change to the Siebenrock Replacement Kit (Pistons, Cylinder, Pushrods) and possibly a replacement of the electrical system. A service of the suspension will probably do some good, new wheel bearings too.

I have sort of got used to the different riding style of the bike and its little quirks. The bike still has a bit of back firing, probably due to the different exhaust (exhaust was supposed to be for the R80GS). The handling is not as stable as my AT, but i am getting used to it. This is probably due to a softer front end. I have put up some pics, hopefully this gives a clearer picture of the bike.

I am really beginning to enjoy this bike. It always turns heads on the road, i get to make many new friends because they are always curious about the bike. The next big test is the road trip up to Malaysia and Thailand. Looking forward to it. Check out the pics..

Monday, November 06, 2006

Tiger Venture

Hi...first post on my first blog! I have often wondered what it means to be 'blogging'..seems like many people are doing this nowadays. But to put my life online for everyone to see? Hmm...not really my cup of tea. So why now? Well, for a start, im not putting everything about myself here...I think i will just limit this blog to some personal thoughts, my bike, and the adventure i might have to the opportunity to go through. Hopefully, this blog will not just be a place where i blabber non-stop....hopefully this will inspire and encourage whoever that comes here..

So why 'TigerVenture'?? definition,

Tiger -
•tiger |ˈtīgər| noun a very large solitary cat with a yellow-brown coat striped with black, native to the forests of Asia but becoming increasingly rare.
• Panthera tigris, family Felidae.
• used to refer to someone fierce, determined, or ambitious : despite his wound, he still fought like a tiger | one of the sport's young tigers.
• (also tiger economy) a dynamic economy of one of the smaller eastern Asian countries, esp. that of Singapore, Taiwan, or South Korea.

Venture -
venture |ˈven ch ər| noun a risky or daring journey or undertaking : pioneering ventures into little-known waters.
• a business enterprise involving considerable risk. verb [ intrans. ] dare to do something or go somewhere that may be dangerous or unpleasant : she ventured out into the blizzard.
• dare to do or say something that may be considered audacious (often used as a polite expression of hesitation or apology) : may I venture to add a few comments? | I ventured to write to her | [ trans. ] he ventured the opinion that Putt was now dangerously insane.
• [ trans. ] expose (something) to the risk of loss : his fortune is ventured in an expedition over which he has no control.

Ha..Got it?? I think there's lots of similarities here...You will discover them soon if you stay on and READ in subsequent posts. But for now, my 'blogging adventure' has only just started...

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